Schools Program

zero2hero’s Schools Program, delivers a range of innovative and creative workshops on mental health and leadership that meet young people where they are to increase engagement and impact.

About Hero High

With all programs hosted by our team of trained speakers and facilitators, and with age-specific, as well as parent and staff workshop options available, zero2hero offers a number of opportunities for schools to communicate with their students about mental health and leadership in an engaging and effective way.

At zero2hero, we’re passionate about making mental health education available for all students in WA, and as part of that objective, Mental Health 101 is available as a free introductory workshop for schools.  To support us in doing this, we’ve also developed the Hero High + programs, which schools and community groups can access for a fee of $250+GST.

A workshop can run between 30-60 minutes to suit your timetable and be presented to single classes through to whole year groups.  Workshops can be delivered as one-off stand alone presentations or run as a series.  We can also fully customise workshops if there is a particular topic or issue you are needing addressed.

All zero2hero facilitators, speakers, and volunteers have an up to date police clearance and working with children check.

Hero High Programs

Hero High 101

Did you know that more people die by suicide each year than on our roads?

In order to prevent this, it’s crucial that we educate the younger generation on the facts they need to know, as well as the actions they need to take, if they or someone they know is experiencing mental health concerns.

This program takes away the stigma that surrounds suicide and mental illness and aims to empower young people to seek help.

Preventing suicide in our country begins with educating and engaging young people in a conversation about mental health, and ‘In your Head’ has been designed to assist young people in understanding that mental illness is just that – an illness.

During the workshop, we look at the contributing factors of mental illness and the warning signs of suicide, as well as helping students to understand that it’s ok not to be ok and to identify the support network that is available to them.

Hero High +

Explore mental health facts and fiction and learn where to access help

A guide to self-care and resilience. We explore the 8 keys to maintaining good mental health and practical tips students can put into place to support their own mental wellbeing.

Learn more about anxiety, what contributes to it and how to prevent anxiety. This workshop includes a short mindfulness activity

Understand different types of leadership, how core values play a role in leadership and who you are as a leader

Dealing with injury and rejection

Personality profiles and how self-awareness supports your mental health (single classes only)

Learning how to see judgements and the real impact of bullying (single classes only)

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