Limited Edition


Celebrate an incredible decade of standing up for young minds with our limited edition 10 year anniversary merch, featuring 10 iconic zero2hero moments that captures our journey so far.

Our 10 year anniversary merch not only celebrates our first 10 years, but also embraces the future of empowering young minds.

Choose from t-shirts, crewnecks, caps and socks!

100% of profits from each sale will go towards supporting our mental health programs.


About Our Design

The icons featured on our merch were specially created to symbolise 10 iconic zero2hero moments;

  1. Dancing under the disco ball at the Red Cape Ball
  2. A heroic red cape, our symbol of empowerment
  3. Nanga Bush Camp, the home of Camp Hero
  4. Overcoming fears and embracing challenge while abseiling at Camp Hero
  5. Important conversations around the campfire at Nanga Bush Camp
  6. A school bag to symbolise our impact on young heroes through our school programs
  7. Lacing up your trekking boots for the cape2cape Trek
  8. Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste Lighthouses – where our cape2cape Trek begins and ends
  9. Entering the iconic red door at Hero HQ
  10. Dressing up for zero2hero Day

Icons hand drawn by artist Michael Nicholas.