Hero High

A range of 45 – 60 minute mental health presentations.

Hero High includes a variety of  presentations for you to choose from, each addressing a different topic that can be delivered as stand-alone presentations or in an ongoing series.

These presentations are facilitated in an engaging and relatable way and are adaptable to suit the needs of each school and class structure. They can be delivered to an entire year cohort or as a hands on workshop to a smaller class.

Have a topic that you don’t see covered in our Hero High list? We can also fully customise workshops if there is a particular topic or issue you are needing addressed.

Hero High Topics

  • Mental Health 101: An ideal introductory workshop to introduce students to mental health and mental illness, and get them comfortable with having open conversations.
  • Love Yourself: Using a holistic approach, we explore how to maintain optimal mental wellbeing, promote positivity, and connect with ourselves.
  • Food and Mood: We discuss how what we eat directly affects our mood, our productivity and our energy levels.
  • Let’s Talk Resilience: Explore the different types of resilience and useful tips on how to develop your own.
  •  Men’s Talk: An open conversation designed for young boys to discuss what kind of men they want to become, who they look up to, and how to be a good mate.
  • Understanding Anxiety: We help students understand when anxiety may be an issue, how to help manage it and when to seek help.
  • Leadership and Core Values: An open conversation around leadership with personality profiling to help students reflect on their own personal strengths and limitations.

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