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10th June 2024 | Read Time: 4 minutes

Conquer Your Own Mountains, Inspires Adventurer Daniel Bull

The Heroes Lunch Daniel BullInspiring, entertaining and simply unique, Daniel Bull will embark on his latest adventure this week as keynote speaker of The Heroes Lunch.

Holding three Guinness World Records, Daniel became the youngest person on the planet to climb the highest summits on every continent.

On June 14 at Crown Ballroom, Daniel will invite The Heroes Lunch guests to challenge their beliefs about what is possible, defy perceived limitations, and continue to pursue their greatest goals.

We spoke with Daniel ahead of the sold-out event to gain an insight into his winning mentality.

My experiences in extreme environments has shaped my understanding of mental resilience and the importance of mental health…

Every time I’ve embarked on an extreme expedition, I’ve had to tap into my reserve of resilience. Over the years, I’ve come to view mental resilience as a muscle. Just as I train my body for big expeditions, I know I have to exercise my resilience muscle for the challenges ahead.

By acknowledging our mental resilience and nurturing our mental wellbeing, we unlock the potential to conquer challenges, defy perceived limitations, and become the best versions of ourselves.

The role mental strength plays in overcoming adversity…

From facing my own childhood health issues and reckoning with my anxious, risk averse disposition, to eventually standing on top of the world, I have no doubt that acknowledging our potential to build our mental strength is a vital first step to overcoming adversity and conquering our own mountains, whether at school, work or in our personal lives.

The struggles facing young people today seem insurmountable. Equipping them with the self-belief and strategies that allow them to foster their own healthy habits and develop their own mental strength is so powerful.

Mental health is a cause that’s close to my heart…

Sadly, we all know someone who has battled with their mental health. I have beautiful friends and family dear to me who have really struggled. It’s heartbreaking – and devastating for families and communities. But we’re not helpless to make a difference.

The thing is, we can all experience powerful emotions like grief, shame, confusion, loneliness – some of us more than others – life isn’t fair. And so, we all need support from those around us.

I’m excited to be part of zero2hero’s The Heroes Lunch…

Because I believe what they do is extremely important. The types of programs zero2hero run can make a real difference by providing young people with tools and strategies to help them navigate those really difficult times.The Heroes Lunch Daniel Bull Speaker

I’ve just returned from presenting my keynote to top tech leaders across North America…

CEOs and business leaders are facing unprecedented times of change and uncertainty. Their resilience and wellbeing is being tested more than ever before.

I believe the challenges I faced tackling some of the highest mountains around the world for 2+ decades, along with the strategies I discovered, about being more resilient and having an unstoppable mindset, will resonate.

I’m excited to share my unique perspectives on resilience and self-care that resonate deeply with the challenges of leaders, no matter their field.

One of the highlights of delivering my motivational keynotes is getting to meet fantastic people…

…the event organisers, the AV team, the audience members. When I walk off stage, I enjoy getting to hear what themes most resonated with attendees and hearing their stories.

Of course, The Heroes Lunch is not your typical event and I’m also motivated by the incredible opportunity to join the corporate heroes on board for the day to help raise crucial funds for zero2hero’s youth mental health programs.

A personal story from my adventures that illustrates the importance of mental wellbeing…

A big part of mental wellbeing is believing in yourself, being self-confident enough to get out there and pursue what you want to achieve; not being overwhelmed by external noise or other peoples’ negative opinions.

One instance, after weeks and weeks into an expedition, my entire team just gave up, saying it was impossible to succeed, that the risks were too great. I was momentarily devastated. I could have let this crush me, crush my self-belief and my mental wellbeing – this was a dream I’d been chasing for years.

But I decided to put their decision to abort mission, along with all negativity to the side. I dug deep into my reserves and found the determination to continue, staying focused on my goal. I successfully achieved my goal a few weeks later, and with it a world record.

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