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13th December 2022 | Read Time: 1 minutes

Meet Our Mentor: Natalie

I’ve been a mentor on a couple of camps and am deeply passionate about mental health and mindset to understand yourself and get the most out of your life. So, I thought what better organisation is there to do that with than zero2hero?

I’m really interested in seeing people understand something and be empowered to make a change for themselves. There was one moment I had an opportunity to provide support to a young person. I listened and I could really see what was happening with them. Sometimes you’ve got to say something that could make a person really think. I’ll never forget it. It was as though something had clicked in them — like a lightbulb moment. If you can offer a couple of comments that give people self-awareness, it’s pretty profound.

Being a mentor for zero2hero is so rewarding, especially if helping people and seeing them grow is something you’re interested in and passionate about. It’s so nice to see people being empowered to help themselves, and then be able to help their community, too.