Youth Resources


A mental health resource for friends of young people at risk.

Reachout Quiz

Take a quick quiz to identify the best apps to support you to achieve your goals.

Understanding Mental Health Issues

A deep dive into understanding various mental health issues.

5 Minute Meditation

A 5 minute mindful journey for kids.

Your Mindful Playlist

A Spotify playlist to help you chill out.

Find The Right Help

Tips for finding the right mental health professional.

Calling A Hotline

A short video to explain what happens when you call a helpline.

Looking After Yourself

Tips on building your mental fitness and wellbeing.

Who To Call

A list of who to call when you need help.

Tough Conversations

5 steps to talking to someone you trust

Bullying Is Never OK (Primary)

Tips for primary school students who experience bullying

Bullying Is Never OK (High School)

Tips for secondary school students who experience bullying

Talking About Trauma

A fact sheet for applying trauma-informed principles

Resources For Parents, Staff & Carers

Beyond Blue Fact Sheets

Explore and learn about various mental health and wellbeing topics, to be able to better support your loved ones.

Action Against Bullying and Violence

Encouraging young people to block content, report it, and support each other if they see or experience cyberbullying.

Supporting First Nations Children

A video on how we can improve the social and emotional wellbeing of First Nations children.


Information, advice and activities for Young Carers.

Helping Minds

Confidential support and services for those who are caring for someone with a mental illness or individuals who are affected by a mental illness.

Do you need some help?

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm or suicidal thoughts? Please contact the organisations and services found in our support resources.

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