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The zero2hero Camp Hero program unleashes the heroes of today to become the leaders of tomorrow by educating, equipping and empowering young people to promote good mental health in their communities.

About Camp Hero

zero2hero offers a range of camp programs including:

  • Camp Hero MHL (Mental Health Leadership)
  • Camp Hero SPORTS
  • Camp Hero RETREAT
  • Camp Hero 2.0 (Business & Entrepreneurship)

If you are interested in any of these programs or having zero2hero run one for your school, club or community group please get in touch.


Camp Hero MHL (Mental Health Leadership) is the first of its kind in Australia, Camp Hero was created in response to a need to provide young people with a space to discover who they are, what they truly value, and how to better support themselves, their peers, and the world around them. Camp Hero is a Rite of Passage for teenagers.

At present, one in four of our young people are facing a mental illness, and although many of those are not sharing it with their parents and teachers, let alone seeking professional help, they are speaking to someone. We surveyed hundreds of teenagers and 87% of them told us that, when they have an issue or something they are dealing with, they speak to a friend first.

This means that for almost 9 in every 10 young people, the first response to a challenge is to ask a friend to help them overcome it. In most instances, this isn’t a problem, however, when the challenge they are facing is something serious, like a mental health issue, the support and solutions that they really need are often hard to come by.

We believe that these statistics present an opportunity, and through Camp Hero, our aim is to arm our young leaders.

The Camp Hero MHL Program

Camp Hero MHL is a 5-day youth leadership training camp that brings together students, mentors, and experts, around the vision of equipping young people to become mental health leaders and ambassadors in their community.

With each camp attended by WA’s most promising Year 10 to 12 students, the program has been designed to cover a wide range of topics that help to develop communication and leadership skills, as well as educate on the facts and fictions around mental health. Each day has a different theme and through tailored workshops, adventure based challenges and peer learning, participants gain the knowledge to support their own mental and physical health, and build the awareness and confidence to support others in doing the same.

The 5 Themes of Camp Hero

2Physical Health
3Mental Health
4Personal Challenge
5Community Impact

As part of our program, participants will also receive accreditation in the nationally recognized suicide alertness seminar SafeTALK. This educational workshop is presented by our trained facilitators and teaches young people what to do if they notice the warning signs of suicide.

Participants return to their communities as empowered mental health leaders and ambassadors. The vital life skills they have learned and the relationships forged during camp are just the beginning of their leadership journey. Together they continue to create positive change, reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and prevent suicide.

Camp Hero is like no other camp – it’s a rite of passage for young people and a truly unforgettable experience.

April Camp Hero MHL

Our newest Camp Hero MHL (Mental Health Leadership) applications are now available. This camp hosts 40 of Western Australia’s most inspiring young leaders from Year 10 to Year 12.

Applications Open February 2019


January Camp Hero Sports WAROONA - Mentor Application

We need a team of exceptional mentors to assist and support students who attend Camp Hero SPORT. You will need a passion for physical health and the desire to support young people to reach their potential. The promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing MUST also be a priority.

Applications Close Monday 19th November 2018



Our Sports Leadership program Camp Hero SPORTS applications are now available and we are seeking only the best youth volunteers to support the camp program.

Applications Close Monday 19th November 2018



Camp Hero can replace any school-based camp, and zero2hero can work with you to design a program that meets your needs.

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As part of our Camp Hero program, we also offer a respite camp for young carers or young people currently dealing with mental health issues.

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Camp Hero SPORTS

Camp Hero SPORT is a physically challenging 3-day sport leadership camp. This program has been designed for active young leaders (aged 13-17) with a passion for sport and health.

Camp Hero SPORTS will run Wednesday 5th July – Friday 7th July 2017

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