Tough Stuff

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Location: Mt Pleasant Primary School

Time: 3pm – 4.30pm Tuesdays

Tough Stuff is an 8-week resilience-building program by zero2hero for participants in Grades 5 & 6.

Participants will complete both physical training and mental coaching to set them
up for success. Throughout the program the Tough Stuff Team will support students
in reaching the required milestones needed to complete the ultimate milestone
– a 4 kilometre run. Please note that this program is suitable for all fitness levels, and has a strong focus on setting goals and participation.

Students will finish the course with improved confidence, a sense of
achievement and a tool-kit of life skills to use in the future.

How it works:

The program runs over 8-weeks of the school term. Each week participants will complete
two running sessions (30-60 minutes each) plus one education session (60 minutes).

The program includes:

– Educational sessions (Seminars, workshops and hands-on activities)
– Two running training sessions per week, culminating in a 4km run
– Interaction with and between community and school members
– A referral program including how to access help for a range of support if/when needed.

Program Highlights

  • Inspiring Speakers & Coaches
  • Mindfulness
  • Slam Poetry
  • Laughing Yoga
  • Discovering Personality Types
  • Tailored Running Program

Program Pillars

  • Self-awareness
  • Self Belief
  • Tough Minds
  • Tough Bodies
  • Tough Talk
  • Community & Connection

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